About Bella Vista Day Hospital

Bella Vista Day Hospital is proud to be part of the Acurio Health Group.

Bella Vista Day Hospital Location

Co-located with Norwest Private Hospital, Bella Vista Day Hospital is a modern, conveniently located facility providing day surgery services with a 23-hour licence (23-hour is for pre-booked cases only).

Why is Bella Vista Day Hospital different?

Our facility has been designed by passionate clinicians that care deeply about providing patients with the best of care in a relaxed and calm environment. Our design addresses the complexity of healthcare delivery, with exceptionally effective flow for our surgeons. This improved flow design allows our healthcare team to be highly efficient during our patient’s time with us, and results in reduced waiting times when they attend for a surgical procedure.

Convenience is important

Our patients and doctors benefit from our co-location with Norwest Private Hospital, which provides access to ample on-site paid parking, off-street parking, ease of access to public transport, on-site pathology, imaging, pharmacy, and eateries.

Modern theatres and technology

Bella Vista Day Hospital has two modern operating theatres with the latest LED variable lighting system and is supported by our onsite CSSD which complies with the latest sterilisation standards.

Hospital Relaxing Space - The Acurio Health Group

A relaxing and pleasant space

Our day hospital has abundant natural light and overlooks Bella Vista Farm, offering our patients views of peaceful open green spaces for our patient’s to enjoy during their time in our recovery before discharge home.

We want our patients to be safe

Bella Vista Day Hospital participates in ACHS Bench Marking and is accredited to the rigorous requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS). This means the services we provide are of the highest possible standard and ensures our patient’s safety during their time with us.

We want patients to feel cared for

Our patients can be assured that the Bella Vista Day Hospital’s healthcare team are focused on ensuring that they feel safe, comfortable, and valued during their time with us. We are always interested in patient’s feedback of their experience at our hospital, and ask anyone attending our facility to speak with our team if they feel there are any areas that require our attention.

Transforming life through healthcare innovation

Bella Vista Day Hospital is part of the Acurio Health Group

The Acurio Health Group consists of day surgeries, a maternity and multi-day surgical hospital (opening June 2023) specialist clinics, and research centres located across the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

A people centred, self-sustaining, integrated healthcare eco-system.

Bella Vista Day Hospital shares in the culture of care of the Acurio Health Group. Our care culture embraces care for our patients; care for our doctors; care for our business partners; and care for each other. 

To be a reputable and innovative quality healthcare services solutions partner in Australia.

Transforming life through healthcare innovation.