Bella Vista Day Hospital,
where care is our core valuE

Location, environment, convenience!

Bella Vista Day Hospital is an efficient day procedure facility, conveniently and centrally co-located at Norwest Private Hospital.

Our dedicated and caring team of doctors and healthcare professionals are committed to ensuring our patients receive the best of care whilst attending our day surgery facility; in a relaxed and calming environment. With agile improvements in our practice, our medical staff and nurses are equipped to effectively provide sympathetic communication and attention to our patients, both during their short stay at our day surgery hospital and once they’ve returned home.


We are a recognised centre of ophthalmology surgery, and are equipped with the latest technology and specialty nursing staff. Our outpatient surgery procedures involve the treatment of retinal and corneal conditions, cataract and glaucoma surgeries, eyelid revision, and more. 


Bella Vista Day Hospital provides a wide range of surgical procedures including plastic surgery and vasectomy. Treatments are tailoured to the specific needs of our patients, with a follow up consultation post-op to ensure your recovery is progressing well.


We are a licenced paediatric facility providing surgical services for children with a dedicated paediatric lounge. Our paediatric surgeons have the right kind of experience, special training and qualifications to treat your child.

Bella Vista Day Hospital - Day Surgery Nurses

Quality and care

Bella Vista Day Hospital is focused on better outcomes

As a centre of excellence, Bella Vista Day Hospital participates in ACHS Bench Marking to ensure our services are of the highest possible standard.

Our healthcare team are highly trained to provide all necessary support to our surgical specialists and patients. Our medical specialists are accredited through a conscientious process to ensure you are in safe and caring hands.

We are accredited to the rigorous requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS).

Bella Vista Day Hospital self insured options

You don’t have to be in a health fund

Bella Vista Day Hospital offers self-insured options

This means that patients who are not in a private health fund are still able to access private health services through “self-pay”. Contact our team to ask about what surgeries we provide and the cost. Our team will discuss with you your options and ask you to sign an informed financial consent.

Offering affordable choices in a private health facility

Become part of a “culture of care”

Bella Vista Day Hospital is proud to be part of the Acurio Health Group

The Acurio Health Group comprises day hospitals, a maternity and multi-day surgical hospital for adults and children; clinics across the greater Sydney metropolitan area; and research centres located around Australia.

Each unit within our group is focused on the delivery of innovative solutions with a vision  to raise the standards of Australian healthcare.

The Acurio Health Group and the management team at Bella Vista Day Hospital take pride in offering an individualised, flexible approach with excellent self-funding rates designed to meet the needs of our doctors and their patients.

Located in a major health hub

Bella Vista Day Hospital is co-located in Norwest Private Hospital. You will find us on level 1 of Building B.

Suite 102/9 Norbrik Drive
Bella Vista NSW 2153

Tel: 02 8814 7870